Find Ice Fishing Accessories in Old Town, ME

Experience the Versatility of the Original Pack Basket

Are you in need of a durable pack basket for your next fishing, camping or hunting trip? Looking for a skimmer and chipper or a tip-up? Loring Outdoors, Inc. offers a variety of ice fishing products in Old Town, ME. Our products are made from top quality materials and are extremely versatile. You can find exactly what you need for your next outdoor excursion at Loring Outdoors.

We sell handmade 24-inch and 28-inch ice pack baskets. Our craftsmen carefully hand make our pack baskets using ancient Wabanaki techniques that stand the test of time. Our baskets are available in black or green and black and are made from extremely durable synthetic plastic. They also come with a lifetime warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover heat damage.

Our pack baskets can not only be used for ice fishing, but an array of activities such as carrying groceries, hunting and other hauling needs. Contact Loring Outdoors today to learn more about our one of a kind pack baskets in Old Town, ME.

We carry an array of exclusive ice fishing accessories

You can purchase a wide range of ice pack accessories, including basket liners, attachable padded straps and liners with ice trap pockets. All are available in a variety of colors and patterns. We are the only carriers of the exclusive Muddy Girl camo pack liner. We also sell ice fishing products, such as:

  • Skimmer and chippers
  • Reel wraps
  • Tip-ups

You want to be sure you have durable products that are built to last. Get the ice fishing products you need in the Old Town, ME area today.