We sell pack basket liners, skimmer chippers and ice fishing products.

Pack basket in Old Town, ME

Will Your Pack Survive the Great Outdoors?

Trust Loring Outdoors for pack baskets in Old Town, ME

Do you need something durable to haul items from the store or the great outdoors? Loring Outdoors, Inc. sells pack baskets in Old Town, ME that are used for ice fishing and an array of hauling and carrying needs.

Whether you’re walking through the woods or riding on the subway, our pack baskets are built to last. Native American craftsmen make the baskets using Wabanaki techniques. We also offer a variety of accessories, such as basket liners and straps in many colors and sizes. Call 207-394-7000 today to learn more about our pack basket liners made in Old Town, ME.

Handmade pack basket in Old Town, ME

Are you ready for the ice fishing season?

Before you gear up and enjoy your ice fishing adventure, make sure to purchase one of our handmade pack baskets. We also sell a variety of ice fishing products, including:

  • Skimmers
  • Chippers
  • Reel wraps
  • Tip-ups

Don’t go out on the ice unprepared. Get your ice pack baskets and fishing accessories in Old Town, ME today.

We’ve been selling quality products for 18 years

Loring Outdoors has been selling ice pack baskets in the Old Town area for nearly two decades. While pack baskets used to be made of ash, they’re now made from a durable, synthetic plastic. We make our homemade baskets in our Old Town, ME shop. Keep an eye out for our store opening in the summer of 2018!

Contact Loring Outdoors today for ice pack baskets and ice fishing products in Old Town, ME.

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